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Steady growth in cargo operations, the addition of wide-body Airbus 350s, the opening of the COOL terminal, and the introduction of state-of-the-art cargo management and automated handling systems all inside one year means new business opportunity for Finnair Cargo.  

But such expansion also presents a new challenge: How do managers and line supervisors maintain overall awareness of what is going on? How can they see the “big picture” of their operations amidst a myriad of different systems used to run day-to-day operations?

The answer is Cargo Eye.

Finnair Cargo has launched its new air cargo monitoring tool, Finnair Cargo Eye - a concrete IoT solution that will transform the airline’s cargo operation and customer value creation. It integrates multiple data sources, transactional ERP data and IoT sensors into a presentation layer with a visual layout for operational steering that will help Finnair’s newly formed Cargo Control Center (CCC) to effectively monitor and steer cargo flows in real time within the Finnair network.

The Cargo Eye provides end-to-end visibility for Finnair operations, and will in the future also enable more comprehensive, transparent and real-time information to customers. It's a platform for real-time business steering and identifying exceptions that require action to be taken. The tool has been created with Qoco Systems and it is integrated with the following systems feeding data into it.

 - SkyChain, Finnair’s cargo management system (ERP) by Accelya
 - Sensire – location, temperature and humidity of shipments monitored by Sensire sensors  
 - Kaltiot – Finnair Cargo ground transport vehicles location or temperatures of shipments monitored with Kaltiot trackers

Cargo Eye collects live data from across all of Finnair Cargo’s information and tracking systems – the global position of aircraft, flight information, the geographic location of all cargo ground traffic and key data from the SkyChain – and renders it onto a large screen in Google Maps format.  

"Cargo Eye is a new operations monitoring and tracking platform that presents live, relevant and contextual data in a simple, graphical view,” explained Kari Saarikoski, Digital Transformation Lead for Finnair Cargo. "For example, the CCC  in the COOL cargo terminal can look at one screen and see where every truck and plane is carrying seafood or pharmaceuticals, get updated on its arrival and connecting transport, monitor its contents and temperature, and be prepared to shift ground resources to where they are needed most in anticipation of delivery.”

See how an intelligent cargo ecosystem digitally connect goods, people, data, and processes to make the air cargo value chain more intuitive and interoperable.

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