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Accelya’s Refund Management system can integrate with all your upstream and downstream systems


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This Refund Management System can be integrated with all  your  upstream and downstream systems The centralized platform consolidates requests from BSP, GSA’s, and Direct Channels. This gives you complete control

Processing can be reduced up to 65%, allowing your airline to avoid refund overtime costs and increase efficiency significantly.


A unique approach to data integration that allows your staff quicker access to refund requests along with the reference data and enables seamless payments thus curtailing refund timelines and costs overtime.

Now, your airline can focus on front-end decision making. Here's how it works:

Incoming Data

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The solution easily integrates multiple data sources, including BSP Link, and consolidates all information under a single platform to provide full visibility & control on your refund process. Refund payment is managed automatically through integration with airlines payment systems thus cutting out manual intervention leading to incorrect updates.

We effortlessly integrate multiple data sources to provide visibility on any of the output interfaces airlines need. This centralized platform puts you in control by consolidating applications from agents in all BSPs.

Outgoing Data

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As an airline, you need consolidated data sources supporting consistent processes and efficient workflows = lower manual intervention = lower cost + without impacting the customer experience.

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Refund management systems are disjointed

Today passengers expect more. For Refunds to be processed quickly & effectively, they need to be distributed faster and smarter than ever. An inefficient refund process inhibits the airlines ability to respond to such passenger needs due to:

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And this is what it leads to...

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The solution to a broken Refund Management System

Minor changes are not enough. You have to rethink your entire system of managing refunds. As an airline you need consolidated data sources, consistent processes and efficient workflows, that leads to lower manual intervention = lower cost, without impacting customer experience.

Accelya Refund Management System does just that!

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