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Discover: V20

Cargo Revenue Accounting

Improve efficiency and maximize performance with the new cargo revenue accounting solution.

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Why upgrade to Cargo Revenue Accounting Version 20:


Designed for Efficiency

Improve your efficiency by 20% - 25%. Enhance user experience with redesigned workflows. The number of screens in V20 have been reduced to half. Plus, you can now navigate between multiple screens at the same time.

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Modern and Web-based 

Easy to use and adopt, V20 is compatible with all browsers and devices. Say no to Citrix and JRE. Integrate and interface seamlessly with your systems, using APIs.

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Risk-free Migration

Moving to V20 does not require any technology investments. With our guided migration, it couldn’t be any simpler for you to upgrade.

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Smart Operations Management

You can now allocate work using a new Work Queue feature, manage in real-time with an online productivity dashboard and download data files from the user screens, for future reference.

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Flexible to Meet Your Needs

No matter what your preference, you go it. Whether you are looking for hosted or fully managed services, combined with Version 20 expertise, you are sure to optimize your cost and revenue.

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Leverage the Largest Revenue Accounting Community

Get a robust solution, built on the knowledge and best practices from 40+ cargo revenue accounting customers, covering all countries and regions.

What's new in V20

Access over the internet.
Zero technology investments.
Integrate easily with all your data sources and systems, using APIs.

Save screen time by over 50%.
Improve efficiency by 20 - 25%.
Reduce your processing time across all modules.

Simplify collaboration.
Allocate work using the new Work Queue feature.
Access online dashboards to track progress instantly, in real-time. 

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