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Employee testimonials

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"I am proud to work in a global company and full of talented and passionate people willing to continue growing day by day."

Roberto Isaac Delgado Romo
Manager - Mexico

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"Having spent close to 10 years in Accelya, I feel proud of this journey that has immensely benefitted me in terms of my professional growth, morale, motivation and work-life balance."

Sonali Yadav
Associate Manager – India

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"Accelya is a truly global organization and has provided me with opportunities to not only explore multiple roles in the last 10 years, but also multiple cultures."

Anuj Khadloya
Manager - France

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"Accelya gives me tremendous flexibility and freedom. Employee views always play a key role in this organization and they are appreciated timely through awards for their hard work and efforts."

Rashmi Nair
Associate Manager - India

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"One of the things I value the most in Accelya is the importance given to its employees work-life  balance through programs like smart-working."

Jorge Gavilan

Manager - Spain

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"At Accelya, challenges never stop and opportunities are endless. You have a team which cares not just about your professional but personal growth as well. It is like a family where everyone brings their A-game to work every day."

Vivek Yadav
Senior Manager - India