Luis Cristovao Ferreira Lima, Data and Pricing Analyst

Travix International is a global online travel company based in Netherlands with operations in over 35 countries covering 5 continents. Travix is the market leader in several countries with portfolio covering 5 brands and 39 websites. Travix chose eTAMIS to get the overview of their sales data and negotiate better deals with their airlines partners.

As a comprehensive web-based sales analytics solution, eTAMIS offers a 360º view of their airline sales. eTAMIS solution provides highly accurate flown data information that empowers Travix negotiate better deals with their airline partners and helps them get the right incentives for their sales.

eTAMIS provides us the overview of our performance in different markets that helps us take the key strategic decisions”, says Luis while sharing his experience of using eTAMIS.

Rick Wouters, Sales and Marketing Manager for Continental Europe

Rick Wouters of Garuda Indonesia describes Accelya’s eSmash to be the most accurate, reliable, fast and easy to use sales intelligence solution.

Garuda Indonesia the national carrier of Indonesia chose eSmash to analyze their market share information. Accelya’s eSmash is designed to help airline sales managers steer sales. It tracks airline sales performance, agent performance, route performance and instantly identifies potential areas for growth.

eSmash helps Garuda Indonesia gain the better insights on their market share and identify the opportunities for growth.

eSmash does help me see the historical data to plan when it’s a good time to start sales & marketing promotional campaigns and helps regain our market share with respect to competition”, says Rick while sharing his experience with eSmash, in this video.

Cuneyt Bahadir, Manager Flight Accounting and Reporting

REVERA provides Turkish Airlines the desired scalability to support their phenomenal growth plans

Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, nearly doubled its passenger count from 31 million in 2011 to 61 million in 2015. They needed a Revenue Accounting solution to manage the increasing volumes and complexity. They found Accelya’s REVERA to be the best fit. Accelya processes over 300 million revenue accounting and 550 million proration transactions a year. 

Since 2011, Turkish Airlines have been successfully using REVERA. It provides a scalable and stabilized solution for Turkish Airlines and has scaled up to match their growth rate and volumes; at the same time helping them get timely information for decision making and comply with industry standards. Accelya’s revenue accounting expertise and knowledge is highly appreciated by Turkish. 

“We have been able to scale up and integrate with other systems and up to date industry standards”, says Cuneyt while sharing his experience on REVERA.

Watch this video to know more about why REVERA is the solution of choice for Turkish Airlines.

Josep Mauri, Head of Administration and Revenue Accounting

Josep Mauri from Vueling shares how Accelya’s Audit Services helps the airline recover 300,000 Euros per year

The business model of Vueling is low cost, high quality services. In 2009, Vueling moved to a hybrid model and started selling through travel agencies. This added complexity to Vueling’s systems and processes. Hence, there was a need for checking the way the travel agencies were selling Vueling tickets and whether they were complying with the sales rules established to them.

Vueling partnered with Accelya for its sales audit services. Accelya helps over 70 of the world’s leading airlines across 170+ countries identify and recover revenue and cost losses. With over 17 years of experience, Accelya brings unique strengths: broad and maximised leakage detection, ADM accuracy, talented teams and account managers, best practices, advanced technology and innovation.

After partnering with Accelya, Vueling started recovering approximately 300,000 Euros per year that goes directly to the airline’s profitability.

“Accelya for us is more a partner than a supplier. With their service and support, now we are identifying all the losses in revenue”, adds Josep Mauri, Head of Administration and Revenue Accounting, Vueling.

Watch this video to hear Vueling’s experience on Accelya’s Audit Services.