Airline Professionals claim Chargeback Management to be their topmost challenge in managing payments

The current process of chargeback management for many airlines is fragmented, unsystematic and involves a number of stakeholders. Expectedly, 73% of Airline Finance Professionals surveyed in the Airline Finance Professionals Outlook 2017 earlier this year, listed Chargeback Management as their top payment challenge for the coming year.

In our upcoming webinar, Accelya’s subject specialists will share how Accelya’s VIVALDI Chargeback Managed Solution can accurately manage your chargebacks to help streamline the process, reduce costs and ultimately, protect your revenue.

Topic: An Effective Approach to Managing Chargebacks
Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
Speakers: Amit Sekhri | Irene ter Huurne | Claudia Guzman

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Prevent their airline from incurring financial losses and act in compliance with card schemes
  • Trace fraudulent behavior throughout the cycle and prevent claims from becoming chargebacks
  • Reduce ADMs and make a positive impact on relationships with travel agencies
  • Identify hidden costs to deliver financial savings
  • Learn more about the Accelya VIVALDI Chargeback Solution
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